Grandpappi's Emergency immune support for your health routine

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Improving immune functions and being healthy from the inside out is of top priority, especially during current times. Stronger immunity helps in keeping infections, inflammation, and fatigue away.

If you are battling with frequent colds, skin breakouts, or wanting to improve your day-to-day performance, Grandpappi’s Emergency Immune Support is here to help in shielding you from the toxic effects of today’s stressful lifestyle.


Immune Support Supplement by Grandpappi


Not your average Multi-Vitamins


There are plenty of multi-vitamins out there branded as “immune boosters”. While it’s true that micronutrient deficiencies can often explain why you feel under the weather, they can’t just be immediately fixed by multi-vitamins.

The important thing here is to understand which vitamins are the most potent in rapidly boosting your immune functions and how they can be absorbed optimally to take full effect.

This is when nutrient pairing comes into the picture.

Vitamin C is extremely important for many fundamental functions, such as maintaining a strong immune system. Since it can’t be made or stored by the body, it is critical that you get enough Vitamin C through foods or supplements.

Nowadays, an abundance of (at times) tasty processed food has drastically reduced the amount of fruits and vegetables people eat regularly. This can have dramatic impact on your vitamin C pool, which can be depleted in just 4 weeks without replenishing it.

Random trivia, Vitamin C was discovered when British sailors had mysterious and terrible illnesses at sea, which could only be helped by consuming lemons and oranges at the time.

One of the many health effects of vitamin C deficiency is a higher susceptibility to infections. To make things worse, more vitamin C is exhausted to fight infections, resulting in even worse health conditions.

Fortunately, researchers have found that a daily vitamin C supplementation of 100-200mg could help prevent deficiencies. For this reason, the Emergency Immune Support formula is designed to provide you with 180mg of vitamin C.

Wait, there’s more to it!

Did you know that combining the Curcumin in Turmeric and Vitamin C could dramatically improve their overall health benefits? This is an important research finding that is certainly not considered in most multi-vitamin formulas.


Let antioxidants deal with stress


You probably have noticed, it’s easier to get sick when you are stressed, as if things aren’t bad enough already!

But there is a good reason why your body does that to you.

Stress is a toxin to your body and can wreak havoc inside your cells by accumulating too many reactive oxygen molecules. Although there is naturally a pool of antioxidants capable to deal with these molecules, there is only so much that your body can do.

In other words, stress puts your health in a dangerous place where some damages can remain uncorrected, leading to serious health problems. In the short run, this could lead to weaker immune functions and more colds. But in the distant future, accumulated damage can also contribute to chronic inflammation, cancer, and cognitive decline.

This is why you need to make sure the antioxidant-stress balance is of benefit to you, which can be achieved by eating antioxidant-rich foods. These include berries, spices, and other herbal plants.

There is another equally effective solution: taking a supplement with concentrated antioxidants coming from these natural sources. The benefits of this option are numerous: quick, easy, convenient, and always “in-season”!  

The research team at Grandpappi’s Emergency Immune Support handpicked 4 potent antioxidant sources: elderberry, echinacea, garlic, and turmeric. 


Here’s the science behind them:


Elderberries have a historical record of preventing common colds and the seasonal flu; backed by multiple clinical trials. Elderberries are not only high in antioxidants, but also numerous immune-boosting micronutrients, and phytonutrients. These unique properties make elderberries a must-have for promoting immunity and vitality.


Echinacea is a powerful plant, often used to treat various ailments. It is also today’s best-known herbal remedy for the common cold and flu. In fact, researchers have shown that combining echinacea with elderberries can be as effective as the gold standard treatments for the flu virus!


Lastly, garlic and turmeric are well-known ingredients in Eastern Medicine. They are often mixed in formulations to rapidly boost patients’ immunity. The high antioxidant content in both natural ingredients has been extensively studied, which proved to be beneficial for many chronic conditions.


Healthy gut, healthy body


It is fabulous to have a variety of healthy nutrients in a supplement. But what if your digestive system can’t absorb enough of them?

Indeed, a healthy gut environment participates in nutrient absorption and strengthening immune barriers against nasty infections.

Therefore, the Emergency Immune Support Supplement includes the best-studied probiotic strain to date, lactobacillus. This bacterial strain has been shown to prevent allergic reactions, lactose intolerance, diarrhea, and infections.

Don’t overlook this simple addition to the formula: a more efficient gut makes a tremendous difference to how many health benefits you can actually get from other nutrients!