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Peachlife® Ring Stem Menstrual Cup - 12 hour Period Protection - Medium Size, Soft

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Key Features

Make Removal a breeze with Peachlife's Ring Pull Menstrual Cup! Our Period Cups with Ring can be reused for up to 10 years. Peachcups can also hold up to three times as much liquid as Tampons or Pads. 

    Peachlife Menstrual Cup Advantages
    • Free Replacements & Exchanges
    • Peachlife Inc is a USA Florida based company
    • Unique Ring Design for Easy Removal
    • Storage Bag Included
    • Soft Silicone for Comfort
    • 28 ml Medium Capacity Cup, Soft Version 
    • Collects up to 3 times as much liquid as Tampons
    • Economical: Washable and Reusable for up to 10 Years
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Never run out of Feminine Care products as possible with Tampons or Pads
    • Aids with dryness by collecting the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it
    • Medical Grade Silicone Period Cups Manufactured by US FDA Approved Facility and Silicone sourced from Germany for Highest Quality and Safety




    Medium 28 ml Soft Version
    PEACHCUP Reusable Menstrual Cup with Ring Handle
    Medical Grade Silicone Imported from Germany


    From our very own experience, we at Peachlife Inc know the difficulty of removing a Silicone Menstrual Cup! Hence we took it upon ourselves to design our Medical Grade Silicone Period Cups with Comfort, Protection and Easy Removal in mind.

    Easy Removal:

    For hassle-free retrieval, place your finger into the ring stem and carefully, slowly remove. Simply wash your Peachlife Menstrual Peachcup with gentle soap, fold with your preferred folding technique and place again. For tips on inserting, removing and best Menstrual Cup folds, see our instructions tab.

    Environment and Savings:

    Peachcups are an environmentally friendly option compared to Tampons and Pads, since you can wash and reuse your Period Cup for up to 10 years. A welcomed side-effect is that you will never unexpectedly run out of Feminine Care Products again, while saving money at the same time. Did you know, on average a woman will use almost 11'000 Tampons in a lifetime when opting for the nonreusable alternative?

    Peace of Mind:

    Swim (waterproof), exercise, travel, sleep through a night and wear your favorite clothing without worrying about incidents for up to 12 hours. Period Cups hold up to 3 times as much liquid as other Feminine Care items.

    Menstrual Cups are an excellent (and cheap) way to keep the at times heavy flow of your menstruation in check. Work out and follow your every day as well as athletic aspirations with peace of mind, not having to worry about your panties or underwear getting ruined. Silicone Period Cups are also much easier to clean than reusable Tampons or reusable Pads.


    Our Cups are soft and flexible with enough firmness to keep their shape and provide longevity. 

    We strive for perfection and try to offer you the best Menstrual Cup on the market. We hope you enjoy our unique design, colors, sizes and firmness options for the perfect seal, and excellent quality. 

    We sell on Amazon:

    Find our Medical Silicone Menstrual Cup on Amazon through the "Buy on Amazon" button or by clicking here.


    Let’s take a large step toward taking care of our Feminine Hygiene and Health!

    Avoiding the use of bleached cotton (sometimes used for even organic Tampons and Pads) by way of Vaginal Cups can aid in the prevention of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, BV, vaginitis, candida, urinary tract infection, UTI, cystitis and fungal infections. This can help with the bad odor/smell, itching, dryness, discomfort or pain that can accompany those conditions, in a natural way. In turn, this can provide menstrual cramp relief during your cycle.

    Peachlife Probiotic Vaginal Suppositories:

     To further support a healthy Vaginal Flora, see our Peachbody Probiotic Vaginal Suppositories or our Boric Acid Vaginal SuppositoriesOur supplement made with vegan and natural ingredients takes a much more gentle approach than many aggressive Yeast Infection Treatments and BV Treatments available on the current market. 




    Cleaning your Peachcup:

    Before and after use, thoroughly clean your Silicone Menstrual Cup with soap and warm water (preferably a mild, unscented soap). The Cup can also be sterilized by inserting it into boiling water for approximately 2 minutes.

    Insertion and Removal:

    For insertion, fold with a folding method outlined below, insert and make sure your Menstrual Cup is fully opened by slightly twisting, then gently pulling on the Ring to feel the vacuum formed. To empty, slightly pull on the ring until you can grab the base with two fingers and carefully remove. It can help to loosen the suction by inserting a finger and ever so gently pressing a finger against the rim or the side of the Cup. Empty, wash and insert again. Make sure to empty your Cycle Bestie every 12 hours or sooner.

    This product does not have a shelf life and can be used for up to 10 years. 


    Folding techniques:

    There are several Period Cup insertion techniques. Push down a corner for the Punch Down method, or flatten it, then fold it in half for the C Fold method. If your Cup is not opening fully, please try the Origami, Labia or Half Diamond folding techniques for it to open easily. YouTube has excellent videos to demonstrate these techniques.





    Medical Grade Silicone - BPA and Latex Free

    Our Cups are made of Highest Quality Medical Grade Silicone imported from Germany. BPA and Latex free of course!:)

    Smooth to the touch while very durable, your Peachlife friend can be washed and reused for up to 10 years... which is kinder on the environment, certainly on the wallet, as well as on your body by avoiding the usage of products treated with bleach and similar chemicals.




    We carry 9 different Cups in our Collection: Small, Medium and Large; each in Soft, Medium Firm and Extra Firm. Click here to see all Options.

    We offer Free Replacements, so you can find your perfect Peachlife match! We know it can be hard to find the right version right away, but no worries, we’re here to help. Simply try your Menstrual Cup and reach out to us through to get your Free Exchange. We will personally assist you with your size and firmness selection.

    Period Cup Size and Firmness Chart

    Our Medium Sized, Medium Firm Cup is a good starting point. Below are a few points to consider, when making your choice:

    Young women and low or tilted cervix: Small Cups.

    After childbirth or for heavy cycles: Medium or Large Cups.

    Sensitive or bothered by feeling Tampons & Firmer Period Cups in place: Soft Versions.

    For your Peachcup to pop open very easily, form an extra strong suction and always keep its shape while living an active lifestyle: Extra Firm Versions.


    Trouble Shooting:

    If your Period Cup does not pop open easily or you experience leaks, you may need a Firmer and/or Larger Cup from our 9 Version Collection. If the Cup feels uncomfortable however, selecting a Smaller and/or Softer Option can do the trick. If your Cup feels slightly too large, it may not have enough space to fully expand and we recommend going a size down. We are here to help if you need a different Variation. We will be glad to get the right version to you for free.




    Stains can occur, however the discoloration does not make the Cup unsanitary, so long it is boiled in water for up to two minutes in between uses.

    Clearing Discoloration:

    A mild soap and a washcloth can be used to give your Period Cup a scrub. Placing your Peachcup in sunlight for a while can do wonders (be sure it is not too hot, as silicone can melt). A water/vinegar solution soak can clear up discoloration as well, if the other methods did not do the trick. Please be sure to boil it in water after, to remove all residues.

    Free Replacements:

    As mentioned, we offer free replacements if needed, including if your Peachlife buddy discolors after a few uses. 

    Simply contact us directly if you have further questions, we are here to help.


    Free Exchanges


    We strive to offer a wide variety of options to accommodate the vastly different needs regarding Menstrual Cup Sizes and Firmnesses. We offer 9 Versions, ranging from Small, Medium to Large; and Soft, Medium Firm or Extra Firm Silicone.

    Free Replacements:

    We are here to help until you find your perfect match!:) Simply reach out to us, should you need a different variation upon trying your first choice. We will be glad to assist you in choosing your free replacement and send it to you at no cost. Contact:


    Copa de periodo para menstruacion

    The Peachlife® Ring Stem Menstrual Cup - 12 hour Period Protection - Medium Size, Soft is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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