How to choose the right Menstrual Cup Size and Firmness?

So you decided to switch from Pads and Tampons to reusable Menstrual Cups... or, maybe you’re an experienced Cupper and ready to try Peachlife Period Cups with Ring Stems!

In either case, the question remains: Which Menstrual Cup Size and Firmness should you chose to stay completely leak-free? We carry 9 Versions: Small, Medium and Large sizes; each in Soft, Medium Firm and Extra Firm.



How to chose Menstrual Cup size and firmness



We are here to help you pick your perfect Peachcup match with our simple guide and personal assistance. 

Should you need a different Size and Firmness combination after trying your first Peachlife Menstrual Cup, we will send you an exchange. Entirely free of cost, of course! Simply reach out to us and we will fulfill your replacement request.



What is a good starting point, when choosing the correct Menstrual Cup Size and Firmness for your needs?


In most cases, we recommend trying a Medium-Sized, Medium Firm Cup as your first Peachlife Menstrual Cup.

It pops open fairly easily and forms a strong suction to stay leak-proof day and night, while its firmness level is still very comfortable. It holds a good amount of liquid (28 ml) to avoid frequent feminine care pit stops and makes for a comfortable size for most.


Of course, our anatomies are unique and vastly differ. Which is why we carry such a wide variety of Cups! 

While the Medium-Sized, Medium Firm Period Cup is a great fit for many, there are a few reasons that may prompt you to decide on a different Size or Firmness, when making your choice. We compiled a few points to make it easy for you to select your Peach Menstrual Friend’s version. 



Choosing the right Menstrual Cup size



Tips for Sizing:


Teens or Low/Tilted Cervix: Small/Mini Cups

Young women, or those with a low or tilted cervix: try our Mini/Small 24 ml Cups.

Remember, your Cup should be fully inserted. If the Ring remains outside, using the next size down is indicated.


After Vaginal Childbirth, High Cervix or Heavy Cycles

Some may still prefer a Medium-Sized 28 ml Menstrual Cup even after giving vaginal birth or for rather heavy cycles, for comfort’s sake. 

If your Medium-Sized Period Cup slips up too high and is hard to reach, feels too small, or does not form a proper seal when fully opened, a Large 32 ml Peachlife Cup could make your cycle life much easier.



Tips for choosing your Firmness Level:


Light Flow or Sensitive

If you are sensitive or usually bothered by feeling Tampons & Firmer Menstrual Cups in place: try our Soft Versions.


Medium Flow

If you have a medium flow and aren’t especially sensitive and not an active sportswoman, we recommend trying our Medium Firm Cups.


Heavy Flow or Active Sportswomen

For your Peachcup to form an extra-strong suction, pop open very easily and always keep its shape while living an active lifestyle: go with our Extra Firm Versions.



As mentioned, we will be glad to get the right version to you for free, if your first choice is not your perfect fit... yet.:)