How to fold your Menstrual Cup: C-Fold and Punch-Down Folding Techniques

A small, but big step! You said bye-bye to Pads and Tampons and hello to Peachlife Menstrual Cups.

No more frequent Feminine Care purchases, no more frequent bathroom pit-stops in inopportune times; and an overall healthier approach to your period.


The question remains: which Menstrual Cup folding technique is the easiest placement method?

Let us demonstrate two of the simplest folds: the C-Fold and the Punch-Down.



C-Fold, also called U-Fold:

Peachlife Menstrual Cup Folding Techniques: C-Fold

Push the Period Cup flat, then fold it in half. Voilá!

Ready for insertion.


Punch-Down Fold, also known as the Push-Down Fold or Shell Fold:

Peachcup Menstrual Cup Folding Techniques: Punch-Down Method 

To achieve this beautiful Menstrual Cup origami, push down and inward the rim with one thumb. Hold your Peachlifecup in this position, squeezing tightly and insert.


Here are a few additional tips to make your Cup insertion easy and safe:


1: Always make sure your hands and your Peachcup are thoroughly washed with a mild soap and warm water, before placement.


2: A small amount of coconut oil or water-based lubricant placed on the rim can help with the insertion, especially during your first tries. Tipping the Cup slightly backward, toward your back, will help with proper placement.


3: You can assure it popped open fully by carefully inserting a finger and feeling around the rim. It is not fully open yet, or you have difficulties reaching the rim? Slightly twist your Menses Cup and pull on the ring handle to make sure you feel the vacuum formed.


4: Before you remove your Menstrual Cup, insert your finger again carefully and gently push the rim, or the side of the Cup inward to loosen the vacuum. This will make it easier to pull on the ring stem and remove it.

5: If you experience difficulties folding, inserting or assuring the Cup has unfolded properly, there are plenty of additional folding methods you can try. Try the following: 7-Fold, Double 7-Fold, E-Fold, S-Fold, Origami Fold, Labia Fold, Triangle Fold, Roll Fold, Diamond Fold or Half Diamond Fold. We recommend searching for YouTube videos, as there are plenty of video demonstrations on the different folding techniques.

6: Your Peachcup should be very comfortable and barely felt if placed correctly and having chosen the right size and firmness. If it is uncomfortable, please reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you and offer you a free replacement:

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