How to get rid of Menstrual Cup odors or stains and discoloration?

We all know Menstrual Cups are not quite visible when in use. We all still love a beautiful, fresh Cup!:) 

Read our 5 tips to keep your Peachlife companion looking and smelling as good as new.


 1: Can you still safely use a stained Menstrual Cup?

Discoloration can occur with any Cup, however on darker colors it will show less. The stains do not make your Menses Cup unsanitary, so long as it is boiled in water for two to three minutes in between uses. Heat up water in a designated pot or cup and insert your Peachlife Buddy fully. Mair certain your Period Cup does not touch the container used for the boiling process.


2: Period Cup cleaning tips to avoid discoloration

Wash your Menstrual Cup with cold, before warm water as hot water may set the stains. We recommend starting with a good old fashioned scrub with mild soap and a rag, or with a designated nail brush. Toothpicks can be used to give the air holes a proper cleaning!


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Menstrual Cup Odors, Stains and Discolorations


3: The sunlight method to clear Menstrual Cup stains

Did you know placing your Silicone Period Friend in sunlight for a few hours can do wonders? The ultraviolet rays in direct sunshine help to eliminate odor and to bleach the stains, in simple terms. If the temperature is very high, make sure the venture takes place around sunrise or sunset rather than during the hottest noon hours. For a power boost, spray your Period Cup with lemon juice beforehand. This is a very natural, gentle and biodegradable method. Please be sure to boil your Menstrual Cup in water for 2 to 3 minutes nonetheless, to remove all residues. Your sensitive vaginal area will thank you.;)


4: Water and vinegar soak

A water-vinegar solution soak can clear up discoloration if the other methods did not do the trick. Prepare a half water, half vinegar solution and insert your healthcare grade Period Cup for approximately one hour. Don’t forget to rinse and boil your Cup properly afterward! The vinegar bath helps in particular with Cup odors.


5: Last resort hydrogen peroxide soak

Did the above tips still not leave your Peachlife Ring Stem Menstrual Cup looking squeaky clean? A 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach) soak can clear up discoloration and stains if all else failed. Dip your Cup and keep an eye on it. Moving it around slowly can aid in the process. Try to keep the bath as short as possible (10 to 30 minutes) and use this method sparingly. Once every few months is fine. As always, finish up with boiling your Cup.



Purchase with confidence, knowing Peachlife will replace your Menstrual Cup if the Staining or Oder insists on sticking around!;)



How to get rid of Menstrual Cup Stains, Odor and Discoloration?


What should you avoid when cleaning your Menstrual Cup?

We do NOT recommend using following chemicals or solutions, as they can break down and disintegrate Silicones faster: rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, dishwashing soap, detergent, baking soda, WD-40, chlorine bleach, oil-based or scented soaps, essential oils, (antibacterial) hand sanitizer or other harsh chemicals.


Extra Tip: And if your Menstrual Cup is still stained or has a detectable odor?

Good News! When you purchase from Peachlife, you can always fall back on our free replacement offer if needed. Should the odor or tough stains not clear up or you encounter any issues with your Cup, please reach out to us through:

We will gladly assist you with your exchange.


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